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The Difference between a VPN and Luminati’s Proxy Service.

Get back to basics with this blog post on the difference between a VPN and Luminati's proxy service.

Noam Rom | Director of Sales

In our data-filled world, geo-specific accurate information is becoming more and more of a requirement. With the need for more ways to collect data from multiple locations, many turned to a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN allows companies and individuals to gather information in multiple-locations by offering an IP in the country of interest and keeping the user's original location anonymous.

A VPN acts as a direct connection, almost as if a literal cable was present, allowing you to send all of your information down a virtual highway. All requests are sent to a server, this server then forwards your request to your target website using a different IP address (usually a Data center IP). This ensures your privacy as the website only has the information of the IP address they got the request from, and in doing so, keeps your location anonymous.

The Luminati Residential Proxy Service is similar to a VPN in the way it transfers information but instead of sending your request down the road to a different IP, it connects you to a network of hundreds, thousands or even millions of alternative IP addresses.

By using Luminati’s Residential Proxy Network, first, your request is sent from your computer to one of our Super Proxies. The Super Proxy is a load-balancing server that sends the request to a real-device in the country or city you are targeting. The request is then sent from the real-device to the target site. This means that the target site is receiving the request information from the real-peers IP. Doing this ensures your location is not only anonymous but that you are seen as a real-user in the location of interest and not as a Data center.

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