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Luminati has won the F&S Market Leadership Award For 2019!

Or Lenchner | CEO | 12-Jun-2019

After a thorough review of Proxy Network Services, F&S has regarded and rewarded Luminati as market leaders in our rapidly growing field.

The award was recently issued by Frost & Sullivan, a growth strategy research and consulting firm following a global in-depth look at our market.

Our continuing mission is to make the web transparent again and to provide consumers around the world with a truly competitive market. We will continue to grow with the ever-changing online landscape and offer innovative and disruptive technologies for the benefit of our customers, providing them with the gateway to a truthful web-reality and competitive edge.

We serve a large variety of industries from fortune 500 companies, to travel conglomerates, to e-commerce corporations, app developers and more. Our compliance procedures and the ability to offer a fully patented, proprietary solution allows us to focus on quality as well as security. As members of IAB Tech lab and AOP, we work with organizations to ensure the upkeep of standards and initiatives to improve services and customer experiences.

With over 35 million IPs in almost every country, city, ISP and mobile carrier across the globe, we strive to make online competition simple. Offering everything proxy in one place, Luminati provides tailored solutions based on customer needs and budget.

We want to thank Frost & Sullivan for acknowledging Luminati for the strides we’ve taken in the proxy landscape. With web transparency at the core of our business, we will continue to assist in overcoming online blockades for our customers and peers alike.

I would like to thank our customers, for partnering with us and granting us the honor of receiving this prestigious award.

Or Lenchner | CEO

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