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How Luminati is different from other proxy services

Luminati stands out amongst its competitors as a fast, reliable, quality, and cost-effective proxy service for businesses

Or Lenchner | VP product

Luminati stands out amongst its competitors as a fast, reliable, quality, and cost-effective proxy network for businesses. Its use of residential IPs enables users to access almost any site immediately, without being blocked or receiving incorrect information. Here’s what sets Luminati apart:


Luminati’s IPs are real residential IPs, so you can rest assured that they are of high quality, which means they can’t be blocked and have a high success rate. The way Luminati manages these IPs is efficient, so you’ll always get the best IP for your needs.

Users join the network:

Luminati only has verified, legitimate residential IPs available. It uses a tiny amount of bandwidth from users who choose to be part of the network while their devices are charging, idle, and on WiFi. Many proxy networks that claim they have peer to peer networks build them from users who don’t know they are giving their IP.

Luminati has a NOC team working 24/7 to ensure that the system never crashes and to fix problems as soon as they occur. In addition, you can always monitor the network status from your dashboard. You won’t have to worry about proxies being shut off or IPs being unavailable.


Luminati is the fastest proxy network available because it allows unlimited concurrent sessions. This, combined with our extremely high success rate, enables you to outperform other solutions with the right architecture.

Every city in the world:

Luminati has over 30 million residential IPs and is constantly growing, with over 3 million IPs available for use each day. This ensures you’re able to get an IP in almost every country and city in the world.

Ease of use:

With an API available in 9 programming languages, an easy-to-use proxy manager, and an advanced Chrome extension, Luminati can be operated by anyone. It also features a Learning Hub, with How To videos and blogs to ensure that using Luminati goes smoothly.


Luminati is especially cost-effective because it reduces your development time to a minimum. Other vendors allow unlimited bandwidth but limit access to few proxies or IP addresses, meaning that when those IPs are blocked by the target site or stop working, users have to purchase more. You can read more about how cost-effective Luminati is here.

IP management options:

The Luminati proxy manager enables you to change anything from the number of seconds between IP changes to the quantity of IPs in your rotation pool. Learn more about how Luminati excels at IP management on the Learning Hub.