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Or Lenchner | CEO

Ethics – one-word, multiple sides

Especially when it comes to data

Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

Super Proxies: The key to the fastest data collection

Your proxy provider’s infrastructure impacts your data collection. The physical location of super proxies and how they distribute traffic will affect your operations and here is why

Uri Refael Baum

Luminati Presents Hands-on Workshops Around the Globe

Thank you United States, India, United Kindom, France and soon arriving in Berlin! Do you want to learn how to avoid being blocked or fed misleading information? Then you should attend one of our upcoming scraping workshops happening in a city near you

Or Lenchner | CEO

Update Regarding Luminati Patent Legal Proceedings

Luminati is delighted to announce the resolution of Luminati's first suit against Oxylabs (Tesonet UAB), while Luminati continues to pursue its other pending lawsuits for ongoing patent infringement by Oxylabs and other entities

Hayley Pearce | Content Writer

How to collect online data without using proxies

When you want to collect data from the web, how necessary is it to utilize proxies? In this article, we will discuss the different non-proxy web data extraction methods

Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

How to rotate an IP address

Learn how you can rotate your IP easily with no coding required for reliable data collection

Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

Proxy Error Codes and How to Overcome Them

HTTP status codes: Why you are receiving them and how to combat them

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