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Data Extraction software to secure facilities

This Luminati customer is a Software/Technology company providing a SaaS platform, software and hardware to manage daily facility operations as well as security solutions to improve business safety

Difficultés : This software company monitors the public background information in various databases including criminal and sex offender registries to compare against all visitor sign-ups. They collect all employee applicant data and compare it to the web data extracted to flag any suspicious characters. Their services provide employees and facility personnel peace of mind by ensuring the safety of everyone present in public facilities and within business buildings.

Comment le réseau IP résidentiel de Luminati a résolu ce problème : Using a traditional proxy, the company was getting blocked from their target registries. By utilizing Luminati’s real peer IPs and specifying a particular city, they were able to increase the scope of their data collection without the concern of getting blocked. With the multiple easy-to-use settings Luminati offered, they could more efficiently provide their security services and continuously collect what they needed regardless of the firewalls and consistency of their extraction efforts.

Résultats : Thanks to Luminati’s Residential Network, their solution is now able to collect all public people data they require. By utilizing the LPM, they are saving money in their extraction efforts with a reduction in engineering costs. Now they can provide their client's information in real-time and ensure the safety of facilities in multiple countries around the world.

Le réseau résidentiel de Luminati s'est avéré être la meilleure solution en raison de la taille, de la portée et de la facilité d'utilisation du réseau.
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