Case studies

Retailer Promotion on an International Scale

Find out how this company used ISP (Static residential) IPs to successfully manage multiple accounts across the globe...»

Managing Campaigns through a Marketing Engagement Platform

Why they needed a Rotating Residential Network to manage digital campaigns while also collecting conversion data and performance data for their customers...»


ExoGroup is a group of companies and required a proxy service as large and dynamic as their product offerings...»

Tokenized SaaS solutions for businesses

How to regulate and route customers' sensitive data using Luminati's easily integrated interface...»

Managing a global e-commerce platform

How to guarantee competitive retail offerings for a multitude of products through the Luminati Proxy Manager...»

Data Extraction software to secure facilities

Using real IPs allowed this customer to collect data to increase facility security solutions and improving business safety...»

Global Ad Campaigns and Monitoring

Country, city, ASN, and Carrier specific targeted IPs provided this advertising network with the means of verifying direct billing campaigns, app promotions, and banner campaigns with fraud blocking features...»