Referral dashboard

  • Please find your referral link at
  • Dashboard presents only leads that registered after 01-Mar-2017
  • Commission owed reflects the rewards you earned up until the end of the previous month and does not include any from the current month
  • Your reward is the total sum of ‘Commission balance’ for all leads.
  • You can receive your reward by credit to your Luminati account, Paypal or wire transfer. Please download an example of an invoice here
  • Please contact with any questions or reward requests
Customer Lead signup date Started to generate revenue Revenue generated Commission owed Commission paid Commission balance
{{lead.customers}} {{ | date : 'dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm:ss'}} {{lead.start_revenue | start_revenue}} {{lead.revenue}} {{lead.commission | currency:$:2 }} {{lead.commission_paid | currency:$:2 }} {{lead.commission_balance | currency:$:2}}
{{data.leads.length}} referrals {{sum.commission | currency:$:2}} {{sum.commission_paid | currency:$:2}} {{sum.commission_balance | currency:$:2}}