Meet your DCA assistant

We know that you’re busy. Really busy. Doing what you do best, tackling challenges that move the needle. That’s why we developed the data collection automation assistant who autonomously orchestrates accurate and scalable data collection and delivers it seamlessly to you. Our innovative DCA technology is helping our treasured customers focus on their core business rather than the pains of data collection.

How can your assistant help? easy!

  • Request

    Just let your assistant know which data you would like collected, from where, and how often. He will also structure and deliver data just the way you like it.

  • Receive

    We guarantee the successful collection of quality data streamed directly to your desired destination, according to your schedule, in your preferred format (or you won’t pay a cent).

  • Relax

    Now that the data collection is covered, choose how to spend your spare time and energy. We told you… The DCA assistant is your guy!

Less work. more data.

Your assistant supports multiple industries and use cases

Your DCA assistant – under the hood

If you’re like us and interested in the nuts and bolts, here are a few things about your DCA assistant that you should know.

  • Unparalleled access

    Utilizing Luminati’s network of over 72M+ residential IPs from across the globe, there is virtually nothing DCA assistant can’t access.

  • Data security

    Bi-directional data transfer is always fully encrypted. Cached data encryption.

  • Full automation

    Automation takes care of all the complexity and heavy lifting, from quality assurance to embedded proxy, captcha and scaling management.

  • Ethical collection

    Ethics is crucial. 100% of peers are opt-in only and part of the Luminati transparency policy.

Your DCA Assistant is here - whatever your data need.

  • Project

    Single Data Collection Mission

  • Popular

    Data Stream

    On-demand data at your fingertips daily, weekly or when you need it.

  • Premium

    Exclusive data

    Custom data collection automation reserved for a competitive edge.

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