Use cases

    Price Comparison

    Aggregate and compare accurate pricing data for retail, travel and eCommerce to ensure a competitive advantage with geo-located IPs

    Market Research Services

    Analyze business and market environments worldwide for well-informed decision making

    Web Data Extraction

    Collect accurate data using 35+ million rotating IPs from across the globe, never getting blocked or misled

    Brand Protection

    Protect your brand and all online assets by ensuring proper use of copyright content

    Sales Intelligence

    Collect prospect and lead generation data to better your sales process

    Website Performance Testing

    Inspect sites from different geo-locations to ensure load times and positive user experience

What is a Data Center network?

A Data Center Network offers machine generated IP’s and is commonly used for mass crawling of non-sophisticated target websites. Luminati’s data center network consists of over 420 thousand IPs in over 90 countries across 1320 (C) subnets.

Data center IP types

Shared IPs
| Pay per usage

Shared IPs are IPs that can be used by one or more customers. Connects you to a pool of 20,000 IPs that consist of a fixed allocated range of IPs from every country available.

Shared IPs
| Pay per IP

Purchase individual IPs for your use (with unlimited BW or cost per gb) in the country of your choosing. You will be charged per IP and usage.

Private IPs

Purchase an IP dedicated for specific target sites of your choice or for all target sites.

Key Features

  • Extensive InterfaceOur service provides multiple DC IPs in 90 countries and over 1320 subnets
  • No BoundariesSend an infinite amount of concurrent requests and scale up or down as needed
  • Unlimited OptionsChoose unlimited bandwidth or limitless rotation and pay per IP or by bandwidth
  • Simple IntegrationConnect to your Data Center IPs through our service’s Chrome Extension, Luminati Proxy Manager or API
  • Private IPsYou’ll be the only one accessing your targeted domains from your selected IPs
  • Cooling periodA guaranteed amount of time the IP has not been used for the specified target site


Datacenter proxies
+400K Data center IPs
from +85 countries
Static Residential proxies
35K Static Residential IPs
from 25 countries
Residential proxies
+35M Residential IPs
from 195 countries
Mobile proxies
7.5M Mobile IPs
from 195 countries
  • Pay as you go
    400K IPs available
    per IP
    No monthly commitment
  • Starter
    900 IPs included
    per IP
    Monthly commitment
  • Production
    2,000 IPs included
    per IP
    Monthly commitment
  • Plus
    15,000 IPs included
    per IP
    Monthly commitment
  • Enterprise
    100,000 IPs included
    per IP
    Monthly commitment

Our service always include:

99.99% Network Uptime
Luminati Proxy Manager
Unlimited Concurrent Sessions
24/7 Professional Support
Fully Compliant and Patented

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