Luminati’s Chrome Extension

Easily rotate shared or static IPs from across the globe with just the click of your mouse from the comfort of your chrome toolbar!
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    Verify advertisements and affiliate link compliance along with the absence of malware




    Analyze business and market environments worldwide for well-informed decision making

    Website testing

    内蔵データ収集機能とともに、世界中の3,500万以上のRotating IPを使って正確なデータを収集


    Protect your brand and all online assets by ensuring proper use of copyright content


    Manage social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Craigslist, eBay and more, without getting banned or disabled

Key Features

  • Easy-to-useBrowse the web via-proxy with the click of your mouse
  • TargetingFocus on specific countries and cities using the world’s largest proxy network
  • Custom HeadersChoose random headers or create your own
  • Use incognito ModeUtilize Incognito mode to avoid cookies and the collection of web storage
  • Session ControlMaintain the same session or start an entirely new session
  • Team SharingInstall the extension on multiple machines with no limit on the number of users

Why use Luminati’s Chrome Extension?

Easily access the world’s largest proxy network with the click of your mouse. No need for coding or complex integration, with our easy-to-use chrome extension target a specific geo-location and edit your settings with ease. Change user-agents, network types, where to resolve DNS and more!

How to use?

Open a Luminati account by clicking こちら
Once your account has been activated, set-up your zone.
Download our Luminati Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store こちら
Choose the zone you created and the geolocation of interest and go!


Click here to get connected to your personal Luminati Account Manager to get your Luminati Account Set-up and begin using the Luminati Chrome Extension today!