Where can I find my referral link?

In order to get your referral link please:

  • Login to your luminati account. If You don’t have one, please signup here
  • Go to Referral page and click ‘Get referral link’ button in the middle of the page
  • Copy the referral link to your clipboard

How much can I earn?

You can earn up to $1,000 for each customer you referres.

Who is eligible to be a referral?

A new Luminati customer who has not worked with us previously

When and how will I get paid?

Get paid by a credit to your Luminati Account, Paypal or Wire transfer

To request your reward:

  • Navigate to your Referral dashboard
  • Click on the Filter 0 balance rows button.
  • Here you can find all referrals that generated revenue
  • Send an email to the Referral team with the following invoice details:
    • Total commission earned
    • Company/user details
    • Preferred payment method (Luminati Credit, Paypal or Wire transfer)
    • Download and use the invoice example here

Are there limitations?

Please read our terms and conditions

Can I see my current referrals status?

Please check your Referral dashboard

Do you have any issues?

For any issues, please contact the Referral team