Where can I find my referral link?

Для получения реферальной ссылки:

How much can I earn?

Вы можете заработать до $1000 с каждого приведенного клиента
We will pay you 50% of your Referrals revenue (without a user limitation cap)

Who is eligible to be a referral?

Ранее не работали с Luminati?

When and how will I get paid?

Get paid by a credit to your Luminati account, Paypal, Wire transfer or Payoneer
Credit payment request is the fastest, and you will also receive a 5% bonus on your commission amount

To request your reward, just click on 'Withdraw payment' button on your Referrals Dashboard

Are there limitations?

Стать условия реферальной программ правила и условия

Can I see my current referrals status?

Проверить свои Реферальная программа

Do you have any issues?

По любым вопросам, обращайтесь в Реферальную команду