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+35,000,000 residential IP addresses in every country.
Never blocked or misled.

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What is a Residential IP Proxy

A residential IP is an address assigned to home users by their ISP, cable or ADSL provider. Our residential network is comprised of 100% real household’s Wi-Fi IPs in all the countries of the world.
Your real location and identity will never be exposed.

How do we get access to those Residential IP Proxies?

Our SDK partners offer their users a choice between joining our network and watching ads. Each device will only be used when connected to Wi-Fi, with enough battery and Idle.

What are the advantages that residential IPs have over data-center IPs

Unlike residential IP’s that are assigned by an ISP, data center IPs can be easily detected. Today most websites already know how to detect data center IPs and are able to block them. Residential proxies are the IPs of real user devices, making them undetectable when used correctly.

Why use Luminati’s Residential IP Proxy?

Simply because it is the largest, fastest and most reliable worldwide residential proxy network. Our network can be used via backconnect, while keeping a dedicated IP throughout long sessions, or rotating IP’s controlled by custom rules you can easily create.

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