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CALA region

As a large data company, our core strategy is based on finding or gathering accurate data for our customers, adding value to them. This is how we boost our customer's business, by providing them with enhanced quality data they need to reach their goals. We are continuously learning about collecting accurate data and we have improved our skills in managing large amounts of data for our customers. We see it as a core process to our company’s success.

Data collection technology is a core asset for our business. Our business growth depends on it. Our customers expect us to constantly deliver value-added data to them. We have successfully improved in delivering better quality data to our customers. Our success has resulted in growing overall customer demand for the data. We will always need to be ready to satisfy our customers with high-quality data.

We’ve been working with Luminati for a little under three years. Initially, we tested several providers, from small to larger companies. Our requirements as a company are complex. We were looking for a flexible proxy provider to address this complexity. Luminati offered us different options and services which suited our operations. We have been using different configurations. In the end, we achieved the results we were seeking. Luminati’s operations suited our company in terms of traffic, stability, and security.

We’ve witnessed improvements as well as benefitted from continuous releases of Luminati’s products and services. In a number of cases, we have been involved in testing some of the new releases and have provided feedback. Some of the improvements released by Luminati allowed us to optimize resources, delegate some complexities of our business logic to the provider's side and improve our business operations.