Martins Balodis

CEO of Web Scraper

We sell data collection software. Data collection is vital to our global clients. It helps them maintain their competitive edge. Our customers focus on collecting advanced business intelligence so they can stay ahead of their competitors as well as building advanced data-based services where data is a source of their revenue.

Data collection is essential to our clients. For example, they use data collection to follow their own products in terms of pricing, monitoring, etc. We, as a company, gather data mainly for exploring new cool ideas, competitive data, recruitment or data regarding market growth. Harvesting data is crucial for us and for our customers to make the right business-related decisions.

We have been using Luminati for almost a year now. Luminati has a great API that is easy to integrate with our systems. Also, their offerings include a variety of solutions which address different business needs. We decided to switch over to Luminati for their proxy location feature.

Luminati was faster and more flexible compared to what we’ve tried before.

Since we started surveying our users, analyzing their behavior and looking for patterns, we found ourselves on a continuing path of growth. Since we now see where drop-offs happen in our user activity, we can measure how much we would gain if a certain step was improved.