Example use cases

Retail Price Comparison

Retailers price their products algorithmically relative to competitor’s pricing.
They use the Luminati proxy to scrape this data without being blocked or deceived.

Ad Verification

Ad networks use Luminati to anonymously view their advertisers' landing pages to ensure they don't contain malware, or improper advertising. If ad networks used a regular server based proxy network, the malicious advertiser would know he's being checked, and could cloak them with a different message.

What customers are doing with Luminati

Sales Intelligence
Understand who are the best customers for your service
Test your web properties from any city in the world
Brand Protection
Monitor the web for proper use of your brand to protect your Intellectual Property, trade marks, and pricing strategy
Talent Sourcing
Help job seekers and employers connect faster and more effectively
Ad verification
Verify ad integrity via millions of residential IPs. Eliminate misleading advertisements and broken links
Comparative intelligence
Collect pricing information without being blocked or misled