Intellectual Property Protection

Brand Protection is a critical part of daily operations. Although intangible, a logo, idea, innovation, and brand take time to create and even longer to achieve recognition. After all this hard work another individual or company misrepresenting, misusing, reproducing or reselling these copyrighted materials can be detrimental. Copyright infringers, to avoid getting caught, can track the IPs of those accessing their site and change the images, wording, and content accordingly.

How can you overcome this?

Entire industries have developed for the sole purposes of finding those taking part in piracy, but those that pirate are careful with covering their tracks. By using a residential IP, you can appear as a regular customer and stop being misled by those that are abusing your copyrighted materials. Luminati provides the world’s most extensive, fastest and most reliable residential proxy network. Utilizing a real customers IP you will see accurate data in the geolocation you are targeting, including your own misused, copyrighted content.




世界中のFortune 500掲載企業がアドベリフィケーションにLuminatiを利用しています。レジデンシャルとモバイルネットワークは法令遵守し、100%オプトインで構成されています。パートナーのコンプラインスを検証し、マルウェアをなくし、デスクトップとモバイルのキャンペーンで広告が正しい位置に配置されているか確認できます。世界中のキャンペーンにアクセスし、もう間違ったデータを処理することはありません!

Luminatiネットワークは安全に監視を行っており、 Luminatiライセンス契約 and in compliance with all applicable laws. Luminati's Residential customers are required to undergo a compliance process upon on-boarding.