Craigslist Proxies

Are you gathering data from Craigslist?
You need Luminati!


Posting ads? Making bids? Collecting data?

No matter what you are doing on Craigslist Luminati has the right IPs and settings. With our Residential Network, you can rotate through over 35 million residential IPs to access all the data you need. Our various settings allow you to set-up your proxies for posting, collecting and creating accounts on Craigslist with ease.

Proxies made for Craigslist

Are you worried about IP rotation occurring in the middle of your form? Choose a long-single session preset or purchase our new static residential IPs. Regardless of your operations, Luminati can get your account set-up precisely to your specifications. Easily integrate into all third party software or connect using our Chrome Extension, Luminati Proxy Manager or API. With over 9 IP types across four different networks, we have the solution for you.

Anonymous and reliable

Luminati's network routes all requests through one of our super proxies, to the exit IP and then to the site, guaranteeing our IPs are entirely anonymous. With a 99.99% uptime, we allow for unlimited concurrent connections guaranteeing your success and ensuring your business is never put on pause. Stop limiting your operations due to your proxy provider!

Limitless options

Scale up or down based on your requirements. With our 24/7 support team in multiple languages, we are always here to assist. Speak with your personal account manager to get your proxy needs up and running in record time. Let them show you how to optimize your account, avoid captcha and never get blocked or banned again!
The Luminati network is monitored for safe use and should be used only in accordance with the Luminati License Agreement and in compliance with all applicable laws.

Luminati's Residential customers are required to undergo a compliance process upon on-boarding.