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La agregación de datos

Today, in order to remain competitive and offer consumers the best possible products or pricing, companies need data, data that was once openly available to them. Almost every company takes part in data gathering in some form. They focus on collecting the most accurate data critical for their business growth. Data extraction can consist of collecting data from websites for pricing intelligence, scanning public records for legal knowledge or scraping social media for people data, to name a few. With so many types of web data extraction, it may be challenging to know the most effective way to determine what you need for your operations. Regardless of the kind of data or amount of data that needs to be collected the most critical aspect is its accuracy.

¿Cómo se puede garantizar la exactitud de la información?

With today’s growing use of advanced technologies based on personalization, you can no longer collect the data you need, as the average consumer would do. Different sites implement distinct blocking techniques (once they identify you) to limit your ability to scrape the information you need. These blocks include IP based blocking techniques, bot based blocking techniques and more. To ensure you collect the right kind of data suited to your business, you need make to the web transparent again, meaning view websites as the average consumer would do. Using a city or country targeted residential IP with the right settings will allow you to overcome these blockades with a transparent truthful view. Allowing you to collect the most accurate data available.

Acerca de nuestras Redes

Luminati is the largest and most advanced residential proxy network providing 35+ million IPs in every country and city in the world. With our data center, static residential, rotating residential and mobile networks we offer a solution for all your harvesting needs. Our four networks contain over 9 IP types with the ability to easily switch between them based on your specifications. Use our free, open-source proxy manager with built-in proxy manipulations to automate your entire set-up and easily integrate into any third party software.

¿Porqué Luminati?

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Luminati is at the forefront of Web Data Extraction Services across the globe. Our networks are 100% opt-in complying with all laws and regulations. Let your account manager assist in the set-up and deployment of operations. With API and examples in over ten coding languages, you can save money on servers and engineers. With Luminati, you can guarantee the accuracy of your data collection and never get blocked or misled again!
La red Luminati está vigilada para un uso seguro y se debe usar únicamente de acuerdo con el Acuerdo de licencia Luminati y en cumplimiento con todas las leyes aplicables.

Los clientes residenciales de Luminati deben someterse a un proceso de cumplimiento en el momento de su incorporación.

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