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Luminati Network

Hola operates a popular P2P routing service that enables consumers to browse anonymously, by routing their HTTP requests through other Hola users. Consumers use the free service in return for assisting with routing requests when their devices are idle. Consumers can use the network without contributing their idle resources by paying a monthly subscription.

Luminati is Hola's commercial service, allowing businesses to route their HTTP/S requests to target destination through this huge P2P network, comprising of millions of residential IPs. Luminati is what makes the Hola consumer network free for millions of users.

The Luminati network is much stronger than a traditional proxy network because it has millions of nodes, residential IPs and geographic coverage of every city in the world.

Luminati proxy manager

Luminati's proxy manager makes it easier to integrate Luminati as your proxy network. It enables more features than the standard Luminati API and helps achieve faster performance.

Install via NPM

$ sudo npm install


$ luminati
--customer CUSTOMER
--password PASSWORD


$ curl --proxy

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Luminati proxy manager

Sticky IP
Maintain a session live by sending a ping every 60 seconds.
Pool size
Maintain a pre-established pool of sessions to Luminati super proxies for fast switching or to add more capacity quickly.
SSL Sniffing
Install a self-signed certificate and log your HTTPS traffic.
Route SOCKS5 requests.
Save crawling history and statistics.
Save preset proxy definitions.

Live dashboard

Clear usage charts with bandwidth, requests, and connections.

Easy access to event logs with users IPs, target website, and results.

Simple approach to billing section with payment history, usage, and current account balance.

What customers are
doing with Luminati

Sales Intelligence
Understand who are the best customers for your service
Brand Protection
Monitor the web for proper use of your brand to protect your Intellectual Property, trade marks, and pricing strategy
Ad verification
Verify ad integrity via millions of residential IPs. Eliminate misleading advertisements and backlinks
Test your web properties from any city in the world
Talent Sourcing
Help job seekers and employers connect faster and more effectively
Comparative intelligence
Collect pricing information without being blocked or misled



  • static
  • 250
  • 250 GB included
  • $1 per GB for static IP
  • Only static IPs


  • residential
  • 500
  • 40 GB included
  • $12.5 per GB
  • $1 per GB for static IPs


  • residential
  • 1,000
  • 100 GB included
  • $10 per GB
  • $1 per GB for static IPs


  • residential
  • 6,000
  • 1,000 GB included
  • $6 per GB
  • $1 per GB for static IPs

High volume

  • residential
  • 30,000
  • 10,000 GB included
  • $3 per GB
  • $0.85 per GB for static IPs


  • residential
  • Contact us
  • Bulk pricing schedules
  • Unlimited countries
  • Unlimited IPs
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

Why Luminati

Millions of IPs

The largest proxy network in the world, so you can harvest data at super scale

Instant scaling

You pay only for the traffic you pass through the network. You can use all of our IPs

In every city in the world

Define any city as your IP location, so you can harvest local data

Start immediately

Typical integration takes 5 minutes by integrating a simple code snippet

Residential IPs

Luminati's P2P proxy network consists of residential IPs only, so you will not be blocked or misled

Highly reliable

Luminati's residential IPs are never deceived, so your data is always fresh and accurate

Accurate, reliable data collection

Compare prices
Collect competitor’s prices, reliably
Luminati uses millions of real IPs - so you will never be blocked or given false information
Verify ads
Easily detect malicious ads
When verifying an ad, the Luminati residential IP looks like a real user - so the malicious advertiser will provide the real ad, not a fake landing page