proxy network

Your Web data harvesting:
anonymous, reliable

Understand who are the best customers for your service

Sales intelligence

Monitor the web for proper use of customer's brands. Protect your Intellectual Property and trade marks

Brand Protection

Verify ad integrity via millions of residential IP's. Eliminate misleading advertisement and backlinks

Ad Verification

Test websites globally and view them locally


Help job seekers and employers connect faster and more effectively

Talent Sourcing

Collect pricing information without being blocked or misled

Comparative intelligence

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Why Luminati

Millions of IPs

The largest proxy network in the world, so you can harvest data at super scale

Instant scaling

You pay only for the traffic you pass through the network. You can use all of our IPs

In every city in the world

Define any city as your IP location, so you can harvest local data

Start immediately

Typical integration takes 5 minutes by integrating a simple code snippet

Residential IPs

Luminati's P2P proxy network consists of residential IPs only, so you will not be blocked or misled

Highly reliable

Luminati's residential IPs are never deceived, so your data is always fresh and accurate


Basic Residential

$500 / month

  • 40 GB included
  • $12.5 per GB thereafter
  • Unlimited countries
  • Unlimited IPs
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

Basic Static

$500 / month

  • 100 GB included
  • $5 per GB thereafter
  • 20,000 IPs
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Data center based proxies

Advanced Residential

$1000 / month

  • 100 GB included
  • $10 per GB thereafter
  • Unlimited countries
  • Unlimited IPs
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions



Contact us

  • Bulk pricing schedules
  • Unlimited countries
  • Unlimited IPs
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

Local proxy manager

Connection pool for faster response time
Maintain a pre-established pool of sessions to Luminati super proxies for fast switching or to add more capacity quickly.
Control your proxies with a simple web UI
A simple web UI to configure all parameters of your requests, such as the city, country, rotation defaults, etc.
Detailed traffic statistics
Logs your requests (including SSL) and the responses, to a local SQLite database. Access these stats via web interface.
Configure a default IP rotation
Configure Luminati to automatically switch to a new IP after every X requests. Configuring a rotation every few requests improves the reliability of the responses you receive. Luminati's vast number of IPs make switching often a reality.
Increase harvesting capacity using multiple Super Proxies
With Luminati your harvesting capacity is not limited by proxy response time, since the network provides you with millions of IPs. Use the local proxy manager to distribute your requests via multiple super proxies to enable millions of concurrent requests, boosting your harvesting capacity, performance and response time. The local proxy manager will also automatically switch to a new super proxy in case of a proxy failure
Track HTTPS requests
By installing a self-signed certificate, you can log your HTTPS traffic. The Luminati local proxy manager decrypts your HTTPS traffic on the fly, logs it, and makes it available via the web interface.

Accurate, reliable data collection

Compare prices
Collect competitor’s prices, reliably
Luminati uses millions of real IPs - so you will never be blocked or given false information
Verify ads
Easily detect malicious ads
When verifying an ad, the Luminati residential IP looks like a real user - so the malicious advertiser will provide the real ad, not a fake landing page

Live dashboard

Luminati customers view personalized dashboards to monitor traffic and costs in real time