About Luminati

Your cell phone, tablet and PC have the computing power of a 1980’s super computer that previously only governments could have afforded -- but these are idle most of the time, doing nothing. What if the power of these devices could be harnessed?

Luminati has connected 10s of millions of devices through a P2P network. We incentivize users to connect to this network in return for about 30 seconds of their idle device per day - less than a video ad would have required.

We are building the world’s largest virtual cloud services provider, to provide computing, storage and routing services to businesses.

In 2014 we started our virtual routing services. Thousands of corporations are now using Luminati’s residential proxy network: huge online retailers – for collecting comparative pricing information, top websites – for testing their web sites from any city in the world, the largest ad networks – for ensuring the ads they deliver are safe and compliant, cyber security firms – for ensuring that sites are not malicious.

Luminati is now a leader of this new virtual cloud services market.

We will continue to grow and improve our services, and to develop our supercomputing network to provide new services going forward.

Luminati Leadership

Ofer Vilenski
Derry Shribman
Or Lenchner
Colin Shribman
Nir Borenshtein
VP Ops.
Shiri Septon-Etchin
Omri Orgad
Tamir Roter
VP Sales
Limor Kidron


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  • Work with the best developers out there - many were CTOs, VP R&D and senior R&D managers
  • We care about talent more than locale - out of Israel? Join us and work from home.
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