Luminati has been named the 2019 Global Market Leader in the Enterprise IP Proxy Networks (IPPN) Market

"Luminati was recognized as the leader for its proprietary technology that has revolutionized the residential peer-to-peer network (IPPN) and brought transparency back to the world wide web. With Luminati's industry leadership and focus on compliance, they have set the stage for in the IPPN market for their performance, product innovation and competitive strategy."

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Data Center

The most advanced Data Center Network offering multiple IP types across the world in a shared or dedicated pool.
85+ countries
1560+ subnets
400,000+ IPs
Competitive Pricing
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Static Residential

The first static residential IPs network offering real-IPs directly from an ISP and owned by you for your personal use.
No IP rotation
Directly from ISPs
High success rates
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The world’s largest residential network offering 35+ million real-peer IPs in every location across the globe.
Country & city targeting
99.99% uptime
Never see captcha again
7-day Free trial
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3G/4G connections assigned from a mobile carrier to a real-user with carrier and ASN targeting.
ASN + carrier targeting
7.5 million IPs
Fast and Reliable
High Success rates
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How customers use the Luminati Proxy Service

Retailers price their products algorithmically relative to competitor’s pricing. They use the Luminati proxy to collect this data without being blocked or deceived.
Ad networks use Luminati to anonymously view their advertisers’ landing pages to ensure they don’t contain malware, or improper advertising. If ad networks used a regular server based proxy network, the malicious advertiser would know he’s being checked, and could cloak them with a different message.

Sales Intelligence

Understand who are the best customers for your service

Brand Protection

Monitor the web for proper use of your brand to protect your Intellectual Property, trade marks, and pricing strategy


Test your web properties from any city in the world

The Advantages of Luminati Proxy Service

Proxy Tools

Access the web via proxy with best results and without writing a line of code
Speed up development time with built-in data gathering features
Great for first time users
Debug faster
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Browse the web via proxy
Choose the Country / City / Carrier / ASN of your proxy
Customize User-Agent and other advanced settings
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100% success rate with no dev work
Automatic IP selection and rotation
Compatible with your existing data collectors

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