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100% uptime - first time ever!

Announcing our new and revolutionary feature - 100% uptime for the Datacenter and Static Residential networks, free of charge!

Aviv Besinsky | Product Manager

Network speed and stability are key factors for many proxy users, and as such we always put network improvements and monitoring as our highest priority. After we significantly improved our network speed in the past few months, making us the fastest proxy network in the market, we decided to set our next goal as high as possible when it comes to network connectivity -100% uptime, always stay connected without making any changes in your code or how you work, free of charge.

The problem

Our network is rapidly growing and holds thousands of servers and hundreds of thousands of IPs. While our network stability and connectivity are of the highest standard, there are still occasional events which are out of our control and affect connectivity, usually related to maintenance work of data centers, ISPs and upstream providers. After intensive work, we have implemented a new feature that allowed us to overcome even these rare events and provide continuous connectivity to our customers.

Our solution

To overcome events that are external to our network but yet affect our customers, we have created a fallback mechanism that will spot IPs with connectivity problems and assign a fallback IP to each of them and route requests through them. In simple words, instead of a request failing, it will be routed through a live IP, allowing uninterrupted work.

So how does it work?
In the case of zones with shared IPs, the allocation of fallback IPs will be made directly from our shared pool. In the case of zones with exclusive IPs, the allocation process of fallback IPs will search for the most similar IPs using the following logic: use live IPs from within the zone → use available exclusive IPs from our pool → use IPs from our shared pool

At the same time, we wanted to make sure that customers that must use specific IPs will not be affected, so we made some exceptions:

  • If a specific IPs is targeted in the request we will not assign a fallback IP to it
  • For zones with exclusive IPs the ‘100% uptime’ checkbox will be unchecked by default

Activating the 100% uptime feature is easy - simply check the ‘100% uptime’ checkbox in your zone settings!

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