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How Luminati Obtains its Residential IPs

How Luminati Gets its Peers, your questions answered in this blog post

Rachel Hollander | Content Marketing Manager

Luminati is the World’s Largest Residential Proxy IP Network providing companies the ability to emulate a real user in any country, city or carrier (ASN) in the world. These real-user IPs are utilized to conduct ad verification, price comparison, security, website testing or any online environment where transparency and net neutrality are required.

How does Luminati acquire its Residential IPs?

Luminati has an SDK (software development kit) that is implemented into applications. Luminati SDK provides an attractive alternative to advertisements by providing the app user with the choice to opt-in to Luminati’s network instead. For every user that opts-in to the Luminati network, Luminati pays a monthly fee to the application vendor, who passes that value on to the user by not displaying ads. The Luminati’s SDK provides monetization for the app owner while offering the user a better experience.

How does the Luminati SDK work?

When a Luminati partners’ application is downloaded the user can choose to see ads or become a peer in Luminati’s network. Users choose (opt-in) to be part of the Luminati Network, and may opt-out at any time. To become a peer, three conditions must be met, the device must be idle (not-in-use), connected to the internet and plugged into a power source (or battery power over 60%). There is no collection of user’s data and as a result, the app now can offer a better user experience. Luminati’s partners have seen an increase in not only installs but also in user engagement

Luminati is not only the world’s largest Residential Network, but it is also 100% opt-in and trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the globe. We are always looking to expand the Luminati network and are currently interested in working with Windows and Android Applications.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming a partner of Luminati’s SDK click here or contact our SDK Sales Director.

If you are interested in our residential network please click here to be connected to one of our Luminati Representatives.