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Your privacy is safe with Luminati

Oren Knaan | Product Manager

Luminati makes it impossible to track back your IP and sniff your data - click to read how it's done

Your privacy is safe with Luminati

The infrastructure of Luminati’s IP networks inbuilt to keep your identity hidden and your data private, which means that it’s impossible to trace back your IP and it’s also impossible to sniff the data that you read.

How come traffic interception not possible?

Luminati suggests to its customers to use HTTPS traffic, which is impossible to be intercepted. Customers that choose to use HTTP distribute their traffic over Luminati’s millions of peers, and thus no single peer (or even groups of thousands of peers) can piece together which Internet pages the Luminati customer is choosing to access.

How come the target website can’t trace back my IP?

When a Luminati customer sends a request through the Luminati residential proxy network, that request is sent to a Luminati “Super proxy”, which is a server that strips away identifying information (if any) and sends that request to one of the millions of residential IPs that opted into the Luminati network. The IP of the proxy on the Luminati network is a Residential IP, belonging to a regular Internet user in a geo-location and ISP of the Luminati customers’ choice. The request to the target web site originates from that IP and is not traceable further back to the Super proxy, or further back than that to the Luminati customer.

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