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ExoGroup is a group of companies offering a range of services within the digital business landscape. ExoGroup consists of; ExoClick an ad network and ad exchange, TORO Advertising an affiliate network, Playfulbet a virtual betting platform, MobileCashout that monetizes mobile content, EXADS which builds ad network technology and AdSecure that protects ad networks and publishers from malicious activity using crawler technology to scan advertising campaigns.

Difficulties: AdSecure offers affiliate link testing for its customers. The service they provide gives their customers the ability to choose the IP type they require in specific geolocations along with test time intervals. ExoClick also manually tests its inventory. ExoClick and AdSecure were using a combination of multiple proxy networks due to their numerous offerings and unreliability of their providers.

How Luminati solved this: Both ExoClick and AdSecure required a proxy service that was reliable and could address both automated tests and manual tests in a browser. With Luminati’s multiple solutions and IP types along with a 99.99% percent network uptime, both ExoGroup companies were in good hands. They worked with their account manager to set-up the Luminati Proxy Manager using it as part of their backbone automation, as well as on manual tests with the Luminati Chrome Extension.

Outcomes: ExoClick and AdSecure can now easily navigate between all of Luminati’s Data center, Residential and Mobile Networks with ease. They can offer their customers more options in terms of networks and geolocations as well as reduce proxy expenses by utilizing different priced IPs. Using Luminati, the world’s largest proxy network they now have more IPs to test with and can achieve higher success rates as well as more accurate results.

"Luminati’s breadth of software solutions, network size, and customer service allow us to offer the most professional ad-security testing with Adsecure, as well as being able to be the most reliable ad network with ExoClick", said Adrien Fonzé, Chief Operating Officer at ExoClick & EXOGROUP.

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