Luminati Proxy Manager

The most advanced open-
source proxy manager.

Auto retry
Retry the request on fetched failures
Limit requests
Limit the amount of requests sent per hour to achieve max scraping rate without getting blocked`,
Reserve IPs
Listing IPs based on their performance for future reuse
IP rotation
Create rules for automated rotation of IPs
Enable routing of SOCKS5 requests
Ban IPs
Perform fail-to-blacklist to IPs to improve success rate, and stop re-using IPs that fail
Multiple vendors
Work with multiple vendors, with the central point of control, 100% at the client side
Improve concurrency to perform scraping jobs faster
Bypass proxy
Control which requests go to the proxy provider and which bypass the proxy
Reduce bandwidth
Use LPM caching and compression features to reduce traffic
Waterfall routing
Route requests to residential/Data-center/mobile IP networks based on custom rules to get the most cost-effective blend
Fine grained logging on all your requests
Success ratio metrics
Measure the success of your proxies
SSL decryption
Allow debugging of SSL requests

Install Luminati Proxy Manager

Latest version: 1.127.776

Previous versions
Windows installer
Bash install script (recommended for Mac OS and Linux)
curl -L | bash
NPM package
sudo npm install -g @luminati-io/luminati-proxy
Docker image
docker pull luminati/luminati-proxy
Github source code