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Or Lenchner, CEO of Luminati Networks, says data collection industry must enforce clear guidelines if it is to thrive

Busness Cloud | 30-Jun-2020


Every market, every investor, and every business owner in the current climate is looking for signs: signs of recovery, or signs of what is to come next. In a market that frequently resembles quicksand, every economist, banker, or investor is looking for that one insight on which they can base their future strategy. In the search for certainty and a clear direction, organisations in finance are now exploring a plethora of high-frequency alternative data sources to figure out where we are and where we are going.

Finance Derivative | 26-Jun-2020

How economic uncertainty is pushing financial institutions towards alternative data

Derived from non-traditional sources for financial information, alternative data is becoming an increasingly important tool for investors, in the aftermath of Covid-19, due to a lack of relevant up-to-date data that reflects the current marketplace in real time

CTECH | 16-Jun-2020

How economic uncertainty is pushing financial institutions towards alternative data

Finding data sets that are unique, relevant and that reflect a live snapshot of the true state of the economy is crucial for success in today’s financial markets. In a rapidly changing business environment, alternative data, or external data, has become increasingly popular

Global Banking & Finance Review | 11-Jun-2020

Digital CX: How To Address Subtle Retail Changes

"An important factor that will make the 2020 shift to eCommerce permanent is the changing habits of Britain’s older demographic. Though e-commerce has had a very high level of adoption among the youngest segment of the consumer population, the over 40 demographic has remained stereotypically reluctant,” Luminati Networks CEO Or Lenchner | 08-Jun-2020

How surfing helps me deal with an unpredictable, fast-moving, large crisis

In a world of choppy waters, facing the unknown requires innate flexibility and stability Yes, we all went digital! And as a CEO of an online, data-based company, I see the results from up close. But like in any crisis, the digital world, as great as it is, has its limits. However, even – or especially – when facing challenges, I try to apply valuable and relevant lessons I’ve learned from surfing

The Times of Israel | 07-Jun-2020

Who is watching our backs?

Web-transparency, as much as it is critical to business conduct, is not that easy to reach, especially not if you’re a business eager to collect comparative or competitive data. The transparency that we as consumers enjoy is not the same “transparency” that businesses enjoy

The Times of Israel | 05-Jun-2020

Gartner Recognizes Luminati Networks’ Work In Fight Against Covid-19

Or Lenchner, Luminati Networks, CEO: “We sincerely appreciate being included on this esteemed list compiled by Gartner and are delighted that we could help very worthy causes

Sales Tech Star | 04-Jun-2020