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Technology teams sprint to conquer COVID-19

One company participating in the challenge is Luminati, an Israeli-based company that is trying to help develop a heuristic test that can be carried out on smartphones and smartwatches to identify asymptomatic, presymptomatic and mild cases which would otherwise go undetected. Luminati Networks, an operator in the data collection automation industry, played a role in tracking and identifying compatible smart devices, a task that requires collecting massive amounts of openly available data from across the worldwide web

Fierce Electronics | 02-Apr-2020

Special development in collaboration with ‘Assuta’ Ashdod and Luminati will prevent mass adhesion

Sprint COVID-19, a special team from Assuta Ashdod Hospital’s entrepreneurial department, along with Luminati Networks on technology and data collection, decided to try to address this issue. The team is working on developing a heuristic test so that they can identify asymptomatic cases or mild pre-existing symptoms that would not have been diagnosed without this test.

News 1 | 01-Apr-2020

Luminati Data Collection Automation: Ethical Data Extraction with Accurate and Timely Results

Now, with its data collection automation (DCA) service — designed for the travel and ecommerce industries and beyond — Luminati is also helping businesses extract and purify that data, ensuring it’s ready for use in driving innovation, efficiency, and revenue.

Christine Preusler | 31-Mar-2020

Luminati Participates In Covid-19 Task Force Launched To Test Blood Oxygen Levels Through Smart Devices

The task force has set out to enhance large-scale Covid-19 testing, something that is proving a huge challenge for countries around the world. Through technology available on a number of smart devices, Sprint Covid-19 aims to measure users’ blood oxygen levels, which is seen as an important first step in identifying the virus.

Business Wire | 30-Mar-2020

eCommerce retailers in China begin to bounce-back following Covid-19 slowdown

Online retailers use data collection to gather intelligence that allows for the most suitable positioning and pricing of products. Luminati witnessed a 43% decrease in data collection from online retailers in China, which coincided with the initial virus outbreak. The latest data collected suggests China is starting to recover from the lockdown across the country. A 35% increase in data collection shows that eCommerce in China is recovering

Technology For You | 22-Mar-2020

COVID-19 Dos And Don'ts To Help Marketers Stay Connected To Consumers

Luminati Networks released data on the impact COVID-19 is having on ecommerce in China, providing insight into what U.S. businesses can expect. This data reflects retailers' business activity returning. The data is based on a timeline of COVID-19 events in China, which provides some clues to the length of time it likely will take for business to return in the United States, as automotive manufacturing shuts down and work-at-home mandates go into place in California and New York.

Laurie Sullivan | 20-Mar-2020

Why Publicly Available Data Could Hold the Key to Challenger Growth: Q&A with Luminati’s CEO

In this Q&A, FastGrowthBrands talks to Or Lenchner, CEO of data collection platform Luminati. Lenchner explains why it is so vital that challenger brands are tracking their ad content, and how they can use publicly available data to drive their business and stand out from larger competition.

Hugh Williams | 12-Mar-2020

Ethical data collection in practice

Ethical data collection is not just a nice-wrapping to a complex process – in today’s digital ecosystem, you must ensure you are using the best performance platform as well as the most ethical one. Ask yourself and your data collection vendor -are you truly compliant? Are you following every required legal regulation? Are you Intune with every industry standard?

Enterprise IT world | 11-Mar-2020