Pricing — Data Collector

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Data collector

$3.00/1K requests


Data collector

$2.50/1K requests


Data collector

$1.75/1K requests


Data collector

$1.00/1K requests

Our services always include:

99.99% network uptime
Luminati proxy manager
Unlimited concurrent sessions
24/7 professional support
Fully compliant and patented

Accepted payment methods:

Billing and payments

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What is the time zone used for my billing cycle?

How Luminati billing works

If I suspend my account will I keep the IPs allocated to me?

Can I use Luminati without monthly commitment

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How does the Luminati billing cycle work?

How does the Luminati billing cycle work if I am only using data-center IPs?

What happens if I join Luminati in the middle of the billing cycle (in the middle of the month)?

Do you have any advanced pricing plans that cover unlimited data volume?

What happens when my usage goes beyond my minimum account commitment?

What if my usage in a given month is less than my minimum account commitment? Will my funds roll over to the next month?

Can I limit my daily usage?

What if my account is not in “active” status for the entire month?

I need my account to remain active at all times. How can I prevent suspension of my account?

Does the cost structure differ by country?

Which forms of payment do you accept?

How do I register for payment through PayPal?

How do I register for payment through credit card?

How is Bandwidth calculated?

Do I need to log in online to deposit the prepayment funds? What is the link and login details for this?

Will I receive an invoice?

I will not be using Luminati on a daily basis but on a per-project basis. Do I still need to pay the entire minimum monthly commitment?

How many Zones can I open in my Luminati account?