Providing data sets for your business needs

Get a reliable flow of data in minutes

  • Request

    From web data extraction and price comparison to SEO monitoring and market research. You decide 'what', we provide the 'how'.

  • Receive

    Data Collector will automatically collect and deliver dynamic data sets to your team using data validation methodologies giving preference to data points predefined by you.

  • Run

    Increase ROI, results, and consumer satisfaction with a constant flow of reliable, clean, and traceable data sets.

See it in action

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'Click & Collect' or Fully Customized

Data Collector Browser Extension

'Click & Collect' capabilities are making it easier than ever to define which data to collect directly from your browser. The best part is that you don't need any prior coding knowledge. You tell the extension what to collect and we take care of the rest. Including screening the page, indexing elements, and understanding page hierarchy before our AI and Machine Learning-driven technology extracts your desired data sets.

Data Collector Code Editor

Tell our fleet of headless browsers where to go, what to do, and how you want your data extracted - we do the rest. You write the crawl code and our system pulls the data from your target page.

A zero-touch model or full control over data collection processes including:

  • Quick-start

    Create a custom collector in minutes.

  • Scheduling

    Control frequency, collection window, and delivery time.

  • Responsive

    Data collection is dynamic and responsive to changes on the target-site end ensuring high success rates.

  • Tailored

    Our team of data collection experts will customize a crawling solution to your specific business needs.

  • Crawler Launchpad

    Data Collector serves as a convenient baseline for you to code your own crawler using our proxy technology and unblocker capabilities as a starting point.

  • Compliance

    Define customized compliance requirements.

Getting started is easy!

Put your data collection on autopilot.