Residential Proxy Network

Largest residential proxy network worldwide

Luminati is the only proxy network that requires consent from its Residential peers, has tight compliance procedures for its customers and serves Fortune 500 enterprises
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How our network works

Our network includes over 36 million of globally distributed residential IP addresses. These addresses belong to real people sharing their residential Wi-Fi networks. Using our residential proxy service, you have the choice of changing your IPs constantly, maintaining high success rates.
Your real location and identity will never be exposed.

Why choose residential proxy?

Our clients include advertisers, ad networks and publishers who use proxy for ad verification, SEO research and monitoring tools collecting search engine information, SEM agencies, price comparison sites who scrape the web to provide their clients with best price available, online retailers and travel sites in need of tracking their competitors price. For many use-cases a residential proxy will provide accurate data, equivalent to what real consumers see.
See more details about additional proxy use cases

How a residential proxy is different from a VPN

A VPN service usually relies on data center based IP addresses, which we also provide to our customers when needed. These addresses are shared between millions of VPN users around the world and can be easily recognized and therefore blocked by the your target site, or even worse, receive misleading information about prices, ads and more. A residential proxy network is based on real Wi-Fi networks and is much more reliable, and virtually impossible to detect or blacklist.


Shared Proxies
Pay as you go
$0.50/ per GB
Shared Datacenters Proxies
  • +400,000 IPs
  • 90+ Countries
  • Non-sequential IP ranges
  • Unlimited targets
  • Ticket + email support
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Private Proxies
Starts at
$0.60/ Month per IP
Dedicated Datacenters IPs
  • Dedicated proxies for exclusive use
  • 90+ Countries
  • Fast connections
  • Easy IP refresh
  • Ticket + email support
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Residential and Mobile IPs
Monthly plan*
$12.5/ per GB
with a $500/Month commitment
* $30/GB for city-specific or mobile 3G/4G IPs
Never blocked, never cloaked
  • Access over 40M Residential IPs
  • Every country, city, ASN or mobile carrier
  • Unlimited concurent sessions
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Dedicated account manager, full support
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